How do we do it? The Look of Luxury.

The Murano™ Collection uses a sectional system filed with the US Patent Office that drastically reduces the fabrication and installation costs associated with granite countertops.

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What granite suppliers know but the average homeowner doesn't is that the major cost in most granite products is in the fabrication and installation. We have reduced the fabrication cost by standardizing our product and ordering in volume. We have also eliminated the need for a "granite installer" by offering 2 cm slabs that weigh approximately 175 lbs. each instead of the heavier 3 cm slabs, and creating a modular system that allows the use of rectangular granite pieces. The result is a system that makes the "do-it-yourself" option a reality for granite countertops. While not for every kitchen, we hope that many homeowners will find our product allows them to enjoy the beauty of natural stone in their homes when they might not otherwise have been able to afford it.

Our system consists of two parts: the granite slab and the sink. We offer pre-fabricated 2 cm slabs of granite 7 feet in length that are already cut to countertop (25") and island (34") depth. The countertop slabs are polished on three sides, the island slabs on four. Each of our vendors can cut the slabs to specified lengths, and polish additional edges as needed for a minor fee. We only offer a square edge on the slab, to allow the installer to butt one slab up to another for L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens. Backsplashes are also available in all of the colors we offer.

Our unique sink eliminates the need for a sink hole to be cut in the granite and provides "wiggle room" for errors in measurement. The sink design also reduces the size of the granite pieces used, and keeps them in the more manageable rectangular shape.

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